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On St Hilda's day 19th November  2014, welcome to our new blog.
St Hilda of Whitby

St Hilda's Church is a cheerful, warm and welcoming Church of England Church in North Tyneside, not far from the North Sea Coast.

There's a street view picture here.

Hilda was a local saint (Wikipedia) and we are proud to worship in a church dedicated to her.

Bede's Ecclesiastical History says of her:
Christ's servant, Abbess Hilda, whom all her acquaintances called Mother because of her wonderful devotion and grace, was not only an example of holy life to members of her own community; for she also brought about the salvation and amendment of many living at a distance, who heard the inspiring story of her industry and goodness.
Her life was the fulfilment of a dream which her mother Breguswith has when Hilda was an infant, during the time that her husband Hereric was living in banishment under the protection of the British king Cerdic, where he died of poison.
In this dream she fancied that he was suddenly taken away, and although she searched everywhere she could find no trace of him, 
When all her efforts had failed, she discovered a most valuable jewel under her garments; and as she looked closely, it emitted such a brilliant light that all Britain was lit by its splendour. This dream was fulfilled in her daughter, whose life afforded a shining example not only to herself but to all who wished to live a good life.
Bede, Ecclesiastical History of the English People, Trans. Leo Sherley-Price, Revised R.E. Latham, Penguin Books, Revised edn. 1990, pp 245-6.
Breguswith had another daughter, Hereswith. Though she too became a saint she seems to have been almost wholly eclipsed by Hilda.

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